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"With the upgraded cameras in cell phones today, everyone thinks they are a photographer. But photography at its best is art, and Maria Marriott has an artist's eye. She captures the moment, the emotion, and the beauty of life. Her special talent photographing horses and their owners is especially unique, and she adds a fresh perspective which sets her shots apart from the same old, same old. What a gift!"  ~ Grace Kamphefner

"Maria is truly an outstanding artist/photographer(and wonderful person) with a magical ability to capture the true nature of horses and events. It truly makes a difference when your photographer is a horse person who knows horses. She is creative and has the artistic ability to capture those unique and special moments." - Carolyn Callahan

"I can't say enough about Maria's sensitive perspective and emotional photography... I met her this weekend at championships with my horse, and she took the best shots I've ever had! She is generous and kind, and has the real spirit and imagination to be an artist."  ~ Dina Zaphiris

"Finally I have pictures of me and my horse that I absolutely am in love with! Maria captured me and my horse's confidence in a subtle and beautiful way that made me want to order ALL of the photos. Maria knows how to capture the right moments at the right angles to get the perfect shot. Thank you Maria!" ~ Jessica McKendree-Johnson"

"The photos Maria has taken for me are better than I ever could have imagined. The photos with my horse absolutely capture the bond we have. Then she took photos of my family for my son's first birthday. I am in awe of how beautiful the photos are. The lighting is gorgeous and the moments she captured are priceless. The quality of photos plus Maria's fun personality makes her our go-to photographer."  ~ Ashley Budelli

"Such amazing talent. She captured some amazing photos of me and my horse that I will cherish always. Some of the photos offered a fresh and unique perspective. I'm looking forward to working with her again" ~ Merrin Wright

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